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Seattle Seahawk charged with domestic violence involving girlfriend

According to a press release from the Issaquah Police Department last week, Seattle Seahawks linebacker Leroy Hill has been arrested after allegedly assaulting his girlfriend and unlawfully detaining her at his home. Hill has been charged with both unlawful imprisonment-domestic violence and third-degree assault-domestic violence.

According to the report, police responded to Hill's home to find a 26-year-old claiming to have been assaulted several times, and who said she was kept in Hill's home against her will. Police said that the woman escaped the home when Hill went to use the bathroom. Further details of the incident were not provided by sources.

A spokesman for the Seattle Seahawks said the team is aware of the incident, and that Hill is scheduled to become a free agent this offseason.

Our Seattle readers may be aware that DUI and domestic violence are big concerns among NFL leadership. The number of players facing these charges is concerning, according to NFL commissioner Roger Goodell. Indeed, the numbers have gone from 42 in 2010, to 44 in 2011, to 48 as of last August.

Goodell has reportedly met with union leaders to come up with a plan to address the problem. So far, it appears that a strengthening of the league's personal conduct policy is the way the NFL plans to tackle the problem.

From the perspective of victim advocacy, it is important for NFL leadership to do what they can to address unhealthy behaviors among players. From a defense perspective, though, it is important to realize that allegations are only allegations. Sometimes allegations hold their water, and other times they don't. Depending on the situation, trial may bring up facts or legal considerations that change the situation for the accused. This is why it is so important for those accused of domestic violence to seek legal counsel immediately.

Source: Fox News, "Seattle Seahawks LB Leroy Hill arrested on assault, domestic violence charges," January 30, 2013

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